How can I protect my account against fraud and unauthorized use?

We also advise that you follow some general security practices in order to minimize fraud on your account:

- Ensure your password for your VoIP Essential account is very secure
- Use non-standard ports for system services
- Restrict web access to your PBX/VoIP system
- Protect your PBX/VoIP system with software-based firewalls such as IPTables
- Protect your network with a hardware-based firewall
- Use strong passwords for all phone extensions on your PBX
- Implement a VPN for your PBX/VoIP system
- Review access logs on a regular basis
- Keep up to date on security patches and practices for your network services

VoIP fraud patterns are constantly evolving today and we are doing our part to develop increasingly sophisticated detection and prevention measures. The best line of defense is always the security of your own systems.