Our Rates

We offer carrier grade termination and origination to domestic as well as international destinations. Our state of the art infrastructure can handle thousands of calls per second. We offer high quality, low cost routes through Tier 1 carriers. We provide 100% coverage with our flat-rate plans unlike other providers who limit calls to high rate areas. We always strive to offer the best rates without compromising on quality.

Domestic Termination

  Destination   Prefix   Rates
United States / Canada 1 1.3¢/minute
United States - Hawaii 1808 5¢/minute
United States - Alaska 1907 10¢/minute
United States - Toll Free 18xx FREE

Domestic Origination

  DID Type   Setup Charges   Usage
Standard $1.39 one time, $1.39 per month 1.2¢/minute per minute
Toll Free $1.39 one time, $1.39 per month 2.5¢/minute per minute
Local Number Porting $15 one time, then standard rates

Note: All inbound DIDs come with unlimited inbound channels! Click here for latest offers.

Virtual PRI

  DID Type   Setup Charges   Usage
Standard $1.39 one time, $1.39 per month $18 per channel (unlimited incoming minutes)

Note: Channels to be purchased in blocks of 10. Channels can be shared among multiple DIDs. Not available for Toll Free numbers.

International Termination

We are currently not accepting international traffic (except US, Canada, UK, Australia). Please check back later.

International Origination

Click Here to download our international DID rates. All international DIDs come with 2 channels and unlimited inbound minutes.

Volume Discounts

If your usage is above 100,000 minutes a month, you might be eligible for discounted pricing. Please contact Billing to discuss further.